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Si Wall – Film Maker, Screenwriter, Author.

Si Wall is a Filmmaker, TV Director and a Storyteller. His first two full length feature films have seen him compared to Mike Leigh for his approach and his up and coming projects are attracting big names on both sides of the Atlantic. Si learned his trade as a Cinematographer and soon found himself becoming more involved in the production side of things. He worked as a director on two documentaries in Eastern Europe with foreign speaking crews and admits that the added challenge of communicating through drawings made it tricky, it was a challenge he loved.After scooping up his first award for a short drama, in which William Shatner congratulated him for his storytelling and use of camera, Si jumped into drama and has never looked back.“Documentaries limit your storytelling, as you are dictated to by the facts, but with drama, you get an unbelievable freedom that is yours for the taking and I love this side of drama.

The challenge is to surprise your audience”.
‘The Dinner Party’ & ‘Speed Date’ have established Si as a Film Director (read the reviews!) with a bright future and he now has a spectrum of very different projects that are all at various stages of development. Si’s third film, ‘Consequence’ adds to his reputation as a craftsman, as a subtle storyteller and as someone we should all look forward to hearing more from.  Si’s third film has seen his skills compared to Federico Fellini, Lars Von Trier and Tarantino.  Si takes being a filmmaker very seriously. “We have a brilliant job as we are just story tellers, but when the story is told, it’s there for all to see, to have an opinion on and to talk about and we cannot forget the people we make films for either. We have a responsibility to entertain, to make people feel something, to take them on a journey and hopefully, for just a little while, to let them experience something new. It’s a blessing”.Other projects are at different stages and you can follow Si’s work, progress and news here.