_TOM6643Welcome to my web-site. On this site you’ll be able to follow my progress, share my highs and lows and see how my films, books and other projects come to life.

I get asked a lot to describe what I do and the best answer I can give is that “I make stuff up and tell stories”, which is all a film director, scriptwriter or author does. I’ve been described as a ‘Maverick’, compared to Mike Leigh and Tarantino and been fortunate enough to work with some truly great talent, both in front and behind the camera. My favourite label however, was as ‘The Bad Boy Filmmaker’, which made me laugh. ┬áLike many indie filmmakers, I am forced to cut corners, compromise and do what I need to do to get the job done and other indie filmmakers will agree with this, so to see this label in print tickled me, as it showed that the interviewer had no grasp on what we have to go through to get an indie film made.

If you spend a few minutes on this site, you’ll get to see my trailers as well as read the reviews and make a decision for yourself. I’ve added a page where you can watch my first two films and read my children’s fantasy fiction novel all for FREE, so enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by, supporting indie film and writing. I do this solely because I love to tell stories, and without an audience, that’s you, it’s all for nothing, so a heartfelt “Thank-You” for being a member of the audience and allowing me a voice to entertain with, as without you, an audience, it’s not storytelling.