cropped-10858583_723570114405984_6796834879826807333_n1.pngHow should I describe myself? I think the term I favour most and the one I feel comfortable with, is a ‘Story Teller’. Although the processes of film, writing and sculpting are far removed, if they are done well, then the outcome is the same, as it should be a story well told, despite the medium.

I jumped into an artistic life over a decade ago and left behind the routine and security of a regular working life, which has brought no end of challenges, obstacles and a fair degree of heartache, but would I change my decision? Would I revert back to life before I began this journey? Absolutely not!

Being an independent artist is challenging in every way. It has the obvious financial pitfalls, as well as affecting other aspects of my life and draining every ounce of energy, all for the sake of art, but the rewards far outweigh any negatives. I’ve met the most amazing people and shared moments with them that would of otherwise passed me by. I’ve witnessed my work causing emotion from an audience and bringing strangers together to form relationships and also been blessed with amazing friendships too.

I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to express myself in several mediums as I choose, without the shackles that so many seem to encounter, which allows me to tackle subjects that many have been ushered away from. I will continue to explore the darker side of life and it’s relationship with its pure opposite at any given opportunity.

I never describe my time as independent artist as a struggle, but rather as a privilege and for those that have watched a film of mine, read a book or experienced a sculpture, then I thank you wholeheartedly for your support, which in turn, allows me to continue.